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The open name service framework

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Spin up an identity system for your DAO, protocol, dApp or chain.

namespace.gg is a chain-agnostic (yet on-chain) stack to deploy custom name services. All deployments are cross-indexed, building a web of interoperable identities.

Features customizable minting site, marketplace, APIs, dev tooling and full dashboard web app.

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Chain-agnostic tech stack, secured by Arweave

namespace.gg is built on MEM - a chain-agnostic smart contract protocol, and everPay - a multichain L2 payment processor.

MEM contracts can be signed by all chains supported by molecule.sh: EVM, Arweave, Solana, Polkadot, Stacks, TON, and more.


Arweave Name Service (ANS)

ANS is the most widely-adopted name service on Arweave, integrated with ArConnect, ViewBlock and more. Over 1,500 domains minted.

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Raven Protocol Name Service

Raven Protocol developed their .raven identity system on top of namespace.gg

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